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Jess Salomon makes her Tonight Show debut with jokes about moving from Canada to America with her Muslim wife right before Donald Trump’s election and her past as a lawyer for the United Nations with [More]
We have all sorts of laughs in this episode talking about the then and now of Hot Topic, how sick the new Hellboy Flick is, an idea about a work place comedy at a late [More]
A cheetah and other animals from the San Diego Zoo join Tom Bergeron in the studio; videos feature talking cats, swooping birds and other crazy critters. Airdate: February 7, 2004 Host: Tom Bergeron
When some one cick your chair, you get a Very Funny Kick and Fall Slapstick Comedy!!! A coincident turned into a VERY FUNNY short video! Hope you love it! Share it, Like it! and Subscribe [More]
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Dr. King’ori shares his take on the Kenyan delegation who logged into a US meeting with Cups of Tea each in a meeting where even Donald Trump had a pen and a notebook. Veteran Radio [More]
A compilation of Raphael’s best moments.
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Captain Marvel Movie Review Explain
What if you had to vote for the ruler of the seven kingdoms? What does a political campaign in Westeros look like? And what does the Night King really care about…? Dave decides he wants [More]
This is my first venture into Slapstick Comedy Video Clips. Poor and sloppy direction, but what else can be done first time?! More clips will come along, so stay glued to my channel. This comedy, [More]
pj masks kids cartoons _ PJ Masks Full Episodes 2B – Catboy and the Pogo Dozer _ Superhero Kids Ca , cartoons animated Movies comedy action tv series 2018
Welcome back! And after a long time I am releasing my latest slapstick comedy, Problems Everywhere Part One. Me and my funny little friends star in this latest video and as usual, I am the [More]
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Zig & Sharko – Holiday Sports Clips #1 _ HD, Tv series movies action comedy 2018
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Zig & Sharko – Holiday Sports Clips #2 _ HD, Tv series movies action comedy 2018
Sorry for the delay, but we have plenty on the way. First up is a safety short that quickly descends into gore and madness. Enjoy! WARNING: Every riff is entirely improvised, typically after the riffers [More]
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Starring Jerry Lewis and Madeline Kahn. From the Joe DiCesare collection.