Aries Spears talks about how black parents discipline their children, and does a Mike Tyson Impression. Subscribe to Comedy Time YouTube channel here: ChickComedy – Funny4Shizzle – ComedyTimeLatino – BootyBites – [More]
A cheetah and other animals from the San Diego Zoo join Tom Bergeron in the studio; videos feature talking cats, swooping birds and other crazy critters. Airdate: February 7, 2004 Host: Tom Bergeron
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Captain Marvel Movie Review Explain
Sorry for the delay, but we have plenty on the way. First up is a safety short that quickly descends into gore and madness. Enjoy! WARNING: Every riff is entirely improvised, typically after the riffers [More]
Nelson Groom  This is the nail-biting moment an Australian fisherman found himself surrounded by saltwater crocodiles in the dead of night at a notoriously croc-infested waterway.  Arash Tayebbi, 37, was fishing in Shady Camp billabong [More]
We capped off the night with another harassment short, although this one seems to end a bit prematurely. Maybe the editor got fired for sexual harassment halfway through (I know that there’s a second part [More]