Set in a desert land where the stooges run a restaurant, the boys need money to pay their fiancée’s taxes, or the girls will be sold as slaves. Some crooks come into their restaurant and [More]
Just some “slapstick” comedy, starring me and my bros. I hope to feature them less in future videos. Don’t know what’s next, maybe something batman, eh?
When some one cick your chair, you get a Very Funny Kick and Fall Slapstick Comedy!!! A coincident turned into a VERY FUNNY short video! Hope you love it! Share it, Like it! and Subscribe [More]
this clip is from The Three Stooges short film episode “three little pigskins” 1934 when the three stooges are mistaken for star football players they not only find themselves running for goals but running for [More]
Eddie returns drunk without dinner and with no money and has to explain himself to a very unhappy Richie. Watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Worldwide YouTube channel here:
The stooges are facing eviction and decide to raise some money by becoming baby-sitters. Their first client is a women separated from her husband, who entrusts her son “Junior” to the boys’ care. When The [More]
Shemp is a sick man, suffering from hallucinations. His worst vision is that his ugly nurse Nora is actually beautiful. When Moe and Larry come to take him home from the sanitarium, they discover he’s [More]
Set in Elizabethan times, the stooges help their friend Cedric the Blacksmith win the hand of the fair princess Elaine. The only problem is that Elaine is promised to the Black Prince who is plotting [More]
A sequel (sort of) to “Hoofs and Goofs”, The stooges are taking care of their sister Birdie who has been reincarnated as a horse. When they learn that her mate “Schnapps”, a famous circus horse, [More]
Jerry Lewis (born Joseph or Jerome Levitch, depending on the source; March 16, 1926 – August 20, 2017) was an American actor, comedian, singer, film producer, film director, screenwriter, and humanitarian. He was known for [More]
This is my first venture into Slapstick Comedy Video Clips. Poor and sloppy direction, but what else can be done first time?! More clips will come along, so stay glued to my channel. This comedy, [More]
The stooges are taking care of their invalid friend Mary who is confined to wheelchair. What they don’t is that Mary is only faking her disability to swindle the insurance company. When the boys witness [More]
The Stooges are cavalrymen in the old west, who are hired to track down the Dillons, a notorious outlaw gang with the help of a pretty female barkeeper and her boyfriend, a handsome cowboy,5 January [More]
The stooges don’t know it, but they are all engaged to the same girl, a gold-digger who plans to get an engagement ring from each of them and then abandon them. When all three show [More]
The stooges are musicians at the court of King Cole. When they ask the king’s permission to marry their sweethearts, the King agrees, but only after Princess Alicia has married Prince Valiant. This news upsets [More]
Tax cheats Moe, Larry and Shemp decide they’re so good at cheating the government, that they start a business as crooked tax advisors. They become rich, but an undercover agent from the IRS gets the [More]
The stooges don’t know it, but they are all engaged to the same girl, a gold-digger who plans to get an engagement ring from each of them and then abandon them. When all three show [More]
Welcome back! And after a long time I am releasing my latest slapstick comedy, Problems Everywhere Part One. Me and my funny little friends star in this latest video and as usual, I am the [More]
Our slapstick comedy project where a guy catches a football and then gets completely decked
When the threesome dicover a old tape in a pile of jusk the are exited to see what is on it. That is when they make a shocking discovery. Who plays the charecters Lauren: Sylvia [More]
A physical comedy sketch set at one of the lesser-known Civil War battles. No Andys were harmed in the making of this sketch. Close, though. From Episode 12 of “The Andy Due Show”: Series [More]
Marek gives a guide to performing Slapstick. You can watch more of his videos here: mareklarwood,com
Stooges get their bare feet tickled18 April 1957Starring Moe HowardLarry Fine Joe Besser Please like our Facebook page you would like to donate to help keep our channel going, absolutely no pressure, please click [More]
The stooges are delivering some Arabian antiques, which include a magic lamp complete with genie. Three Arabian bad guys are after the magic lamp, but the stooges defeat them once they get the “genius”, (as [More]
The stooges are three incompetent plumbers who foul up the plumbing in a fancy mansion where a society party is going on. They manage to catch a couple of thieves masquerading as guests before the [More]
Two friends fall off a lot of things in this short tribute to silent slapstick films.