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Some of our favorite funny femmes return to our stage, including Anna Gillcrist, Correy Bell, Gali Kroup, Emily Galati, Sarah Tiana, Bridget Sell, and Retha Jones! See a LIVE SHOW at the Hollywood Laugh Factory! BUY TICKETS: https://goo.gl/WAFQKB

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Avatar Liam Murphy says:

I cant be the only one who did not laugh once

Avatar Joey Wind says:

Is it just me or do female comics talk about sex and vaginas way too much? It's almost not even funny anymore. They will make every joke into a sexual one somehow. Like the joke about religion was peppered with sexual content. The joke about being old was presented sexually and I know some amateur female comics and they talk about being slutty or about their boobs or whatever. Like I actually think that women talk more about their genitals then men do. Just a theory.

It's not that they are unfunny, it is just a tired routine and it has a theme. Talk about sex, or being a slut, or genitals. What about life experience or shit that happens to everyone. I heard a joke about pot isn't a gateway drug and I was dying. I feel like if a female comic did it, it would have been sexualized somehow.

Avatar Human Being says:

#5, girls send the same openers. I've used Bumble. Girls in 100% cases just send "hi/hey/how are you doing?". Where is your creativity?

Avatar E K Daufin says:

#5 Call me like a grown up! 🤣

Avatar E K Daufin says:

#4 hilarious

Avatar E K Daufin says:

#3 actually has jokes. Yay!

Avatar GodKingOsiris says:

That one dude was dying on the 4th act…

Avatar Dj Death says:

you got any icyhot for my knees? my cousin died ,..yummmm1

Avatar Rock Diesel says:

Ms Jones. Hilarious

Avatar Rock Diesel says:

Yo the older woman’s jokes 😂😂

Avatar Gaminggaming obrien69 says:

At least the baby wasent named karen

Avatar soarfree402 says:

“You supposed to die” I love all of them but the second got me goood

Avatar Lee Aden says:

I was here tell no one shesh my toe is fucked from walking

Avatar Tom Jerry says:

I’m right on time…I’m fast

Avatar A Zebra says:

I think the third lady was my favorite

Avatar Laugh Factory says:

Thanks for watching the Laugh Factory on YouTube! Stand up coming will consume you on "the gram": http://www.instagram.com/laughfactoryhw

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