Dramatic Cat Burglar Ruins Heist!

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Dramatic Cat Burglar Ruins Heist! Would you hire this cat burglar for your next heist? 🐈 #StudioC #BYUtv

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Cast: Matt Meese, Stacey Harkey, Tori Pence and James Perry
Director: Luiz Malaman
Producer: Luiz Malaman
Line Producer: Tess Kelly
Writer: Stacey Harkey
Editor: Trent Woolford

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Dramatic Cat Burglar Ruins Heist!


Avatar Studio C says:

What would your secret heist nickname be?

Avatar Patton Warren says:

Wow Cats (movie 2019) looking good

Avatar Jayden 123 says:

"When we leave we are gonna get you a snickers sir cause you are gettin mad and sassy"

Avatar Miss Moony Queen says:

Ok if Matt is looking for Cat Burglars on Craigslist, I don’t want to see what else he googles.

Avatar Jenna Schepemaker says:

i just have to say that my kitten hits everything off and then proceeds to hit me.

Avatar Chuggabug 45 says:

i was terrified someone was knocking on my door for a second.

Avatar Buddems Morgan says:

My secret heist nickname would be: The Titanium Sword

Avatar Douglas Family says:

This is what happens when my cat walks into the pantry…

Avatar Piper Jane Smithen says:

Matt: ….and dead
Me: Excuse me?!

Avatar Piper A says:

"Meese top three favorite types of cats go!"
"Uhhh…the siamese, burnese – that's a dog, and dead"

Avatar AbbieUrMother says:

i saw this one when y’all filmed it. i been waiting for so long 💀

Avatar Kay325 says:

“How you gonna say we’re friends but I don’t know your Christian name?”

Avatar Adri-Sam OS says:

"Well, who bought you that purple booty cushion when you were having that lower back pain?"

Avatar eleora I.S. says:


Avatar Jonah Smith says:

studio c plus cats!

Avatar Pearl Carayo Herrera-Lim says:

I have a sketch idea and if you used it that would be awesome!! you dont have to give me credit cause ill know!

A kid that has just is brought to the park by his mother who teachers him about "stranger danger" just before leaving him to play. But he ends up beginning to think that everyone is a stranger, even the people he knows, and insists that they are trying to kidnap him/her. When the mom comes back she find a lot of confused people and family relatives as well as friends, and a screaming angry child.

Please use it you're my favorite youtube channel ever!!

Avatar The Calderon Family says:

Secret Heist Nickname: Beans

When I was about 4, My mom, and two sister, (and I) went to a bath and body works to get some candles, and while me and my sister looked around the shop, I took a hand sanitizer (I didn’t know it was stealing) and kept it in my hand, we walked out of the stop and the hand sanitizer was un noticed until I showed it to my sisters and bragged about how I got it.

Avatar Aress Epelu says:

Top 3 favorite kinds of cats?
Matt Meese: Siamese, Burmese… that’s a dog, ugh… dead.

Avatar HydraPlays says:

He looks like the black bob ross

Avatar Lil Potato says:

Studio C always finds a way for me to laugh each time ❤😂

Avatar Lillyana Penton says:

1:12 Purple Cushion reference

Avatar Ashley Forsyth says:

Dead is the best type of cat.

Avatar Sangodele Taiwo says:

I love you get a lovely stop doing that you guys are the best I love you guys you're so amazing I do funny stuff you guys are various an amazing love you Esther

Avatar Maddeline Dear says:

Great video guys I loved it☺

Avatar Maddeline Dear says:

Stacy says he doesnt have pockets and then Mat asks how he was gonna get a real cat out of there. Was he gonna put a real cat in his pocket?

Avatar Rebecca Reeves says:

Hey I have an idea for a sketch! A guy robs a store or bank. Police and reporters come and interview witnesses to get a description on the robber. The robber hides in the crowd to hear how they describe him. They describe him as really ugly with ugly features. Each witness’s description is meaner than the last but he stays hoping one will say he was handsome. Eventually the robber will reveal himself because he doesn’t want to be described as ugly!

Avatar Gennesy Zimmerman says:

666th comment 😊

Avatar Audrey the cat nerd says:

Me walking into my sisters’ room to steal the cat

Avatar Lucas Lyche says:

"You're kidding?" Nah he's kittying

Avatar Sean Ramos says:

Day 26 of commenting on studio c’s videos until they make a papers please parody

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