Being Funny (2011) FULL SHOW | Jimmy Carr

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Ask and thou shalt receive! Another comedy special!

Live from Birmingham’s Symphony Hall (well… live in 2011 when it was filmed) Jimmy Carr: Being Funny is packed with over 100 minutes of brand new material, including too-rude-for-TV jokes, hilarious heckling, and even better put-downs. Jimmy pushes the boundaries of comedy and delivers a spectacular show.

The Official Channel for the biggest face in British comedy (literally the biggest face – it’s like the moon.)

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Avatar Stuart Lawson Beattie says:

Demented unfunny areshole

Avatar Randy J says:

Brilliant. Fan from Los Angeles.

Avatar Luke Chalkley says:

The guy at 1:17:07 looks like he didn't really enjoy that Catholic Priest joke.. unless he was just laughing on the inside?

Avatar Real Deal says:

The "Ginger" @ 3:14 & 3:22 is absolutely gorgeous!

Avatar D.P.V - says:

That funeral director guy looks like S.P.Y the dj

Avatar Bob Jordan says:

18:38 this didn't age well haha

Avatar Coconut Head says:

1:33:52 Lol That one audience member saying what we are all thinking

Avatar Xaranar says:

The phrase for Birmingham would be allahu akbar.

Avatar Jimmy Carr says:

Let's try this again. Tag your favourite gag!

Avatar Annoying Guy says:

39:29 what'd he say rhere?

Avatar CaptianSkeletor says:

18:38 "Tax Dodging Scum"
Is Jimmy talking 'bout the heckler or himself?

Avatar Rejected Autobiography says:

Jimmy joking about people from Jersey dodging tax 👌

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