Unlikely things to hear in a survival show | Mock The Week – BBC

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The performers suggest unlikely lines from a horror movie in Scenes We’d Like to See.

Comedy show combining the best elements of panel show, stand-up and improvised games with two teams of comedians taking a satirical swipe at the news and world events.

Dara O Briain and Hugh Dennis examine the events of the week in the company of guests Tom Allen, Angela Barnes, Ed Byrne, Sophie Duker and Milton Jones.

Mock The Week | Series 18 Episode 6 | BBC

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Avatar Tony Chestnut says:

The token was shit…….!

Avatar Beanie Kidd says:

We're going eat this plant oi Dave pass the salt and vinegar

Avatar mandy c says:

"No, everyone's dead" that really made me laugh out loud.

Avatar British Humour says:

Just not funny anymore.

Far too left.
Too ‘safe’.

I remember when Boyle was tearing the place to pieces.
M Jones, Ed and Hugh can be funny, but there’s no real edge anymore.

Just middle of the road comedy.

Avatar Samara Weaving says:

Biased BBC as per usual. #Brexit

Avatar ROY57ON says:

Huh a Mock the Week video in my recommended, it's been so long since I watched the show.
Only laughs at Ed Byrne and Hugh Dennis
Oh yeah, that's why…

Avatar AtlasFox says:

0:43 – best one

Avatar Magnifico Official says:

00:30 Never have I ever cringed.

Avatar EVILSPEAK !!! says:

Can someone tell the BBC the women aren't funny.


Avatar Conor Foster says:

Too many Bear Gryll's references

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