Tensions Blaze Between US and Iran | The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

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Iran’s alleged attack on oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman elicits a hawkish call to action from the US.

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Avatar Andrea Melado says:

Haha fake news have gone to far

Avatar G C says:

We have seen this taunting behaviour by the US many times for more than 100yrs. From the Spanish-American war 1898, the Tonkin incident 1964 to today's attempt to lure Iran into making a fatal mistake and many occasions in between. Pompeo and especially Bolten are super-hawkish, if not outright belligerent and Bolten was also part of the top brass who deceived US allies and the US and international public into the Iraq war by falsely claiming Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. If the US goes to war with Iran it's because war-mongering politicians in the pocket of the military-industrial-complex got the upper hand – again.

Avatar Will Newcomb says:

With such huge deployments of forces, troops, B52s, Aircraft carrier groups, you cannot keep them in ultimate readiness for long. Expect more and more of these incidents until they feel the public will support them. It's not if, it's when.

Avatar Arooba Maqsood says:

America "cashes" the war in every election, they have done it before and Trump has no decency to do any better. The entire world pays for what people in America wants 😡

Avatar James Williams says:

7 countries 2 to go American Zionist agenda

Avatar M.K. says:

America don't get coned into another ear for the benefit of Israel.

Avatar GHustle4 says:

America is at it again….Just looking for more reason to rile the idiots of the country called america to go along with the thought of we need war when in doubt only the government WINS…

Avatar Adz 021690 says:

America being Murica again.

Avatar persimmon says:


Oh wrong timeline??

Avatar Sir Adolf Hitler says:

U.S is a disease. Biggest polluters of the planet. War mongers

Avatar Jim's videos says:

Waaaaaaait… 4:20 long with blaze in the title? I see what you did there.

Avatar sasha voja says:

Reichstag fire anyone?

Avatar atomicsue50 says:

/can some one please explain how the Iranians got the bombs on the ships without the US seeing them and the allowed themselves to be filmed taking one off?

Avatar The one who knocks says:

Ayatollah Khamenei leader of Iran he's the one who seek war more likely than the us
he's refuse to Straight diplomacy with us for over 30 years he's never leave our country for Negotiate.He has pursued an enmity policy with the Us, He is the one who encourages people to give the slogan "Death to America" in the streats
You Americans know Nothing about middle east like John Snow

Avatar Danny says:


Avatar Brian Smith says:

Because crying wolf worked in the past, means it’s old heads who don’t realise it doesn’t work now. 😀

Avatar boss 777 says:

How thay shot this video

Avatar maxxetvtoo says:

What happened to America trying to stay out of wars?

Avatar Farzad Jahanfard says:

I wish Iran never had oil my country is in chaos since they discovered oil poor people

Avatar Tormund Gaint says:

I'm Smelling another war, but this one will be far worst than Afghanistan and Iraq combined. US likes to start wars Go a Head.. The whole world will be against you lol, except Isreal 😂😂..

Avatar jeffms2 says:

You are not a comedian Noah!. You are a pathetic far-left radical!!!


Iran is not Iraq. Persian people are not Arab. who will live will see..

Avatar Marco says:

3:18 the germany bit literally made me cry 😂

Avatar Elisabeth n says:

Oh God. This will be a new excuse to go to war with Iran because we're probably just running low on oil. God help America not bless it anymore.

Avatar M X says:

The studio audience is laughing. They won't be laughing when their kids end up dying in another America provoked war.

Avatar max factor says:

WTH Iran doing in the Gulf of Mexico.

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