The Yogi and The Bear- Opening Musical Act

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Surprise surprise!
Here’s a song that’s very dear to us, from Alex and Baggy’s one by two stand-up special #TheYogiAndTheBear!
Watch, share and laugh your way into the weekend!

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Avatar Benedict Francis says:

A mazing talented guys….great voice synchronization…u guys shud try music comedy albums on curent affairs

Avatar Mani Raj says:

Extraordinary performance and song bro….I love sooo much…I saw this video more than 10 times

Avatar Malliga Malliga says:

Professional life is buffering in board band connection
Personal life buffering in dial up connection 😂😂😂😂 awesome

Avatar Mr Abi says:

u guys are awesome

Avatar Vimala V says:

He was born with ever silver spoon….awesum😂😂😂😂

Avatar srabani duttaroy says:

Love you so much Alex!! You are awesome!! <3

I have been watching the Yogi and the bear on loop. You guys are so awesome

Avatar Santosh Subramaniam says:

Great show guys! I got to see Alex live at Charlotte, NC. Awesome!! Keep going guys!!!!

Avatar Sanak Dhil says:

8:12 timing 😂👌

Avatar krishna bala says:

Such a very best show… 😍

Avatar AMI TABA says:

super O superrrr!

Avatar madhee olee says:

OMG you Alex and baggy rocking, fun and happiness in my mind now

Avatar RAJAVEL R says:


Avatar Jim Matrix says:

15 minutes wasted!

Avatar iijhanvi ii says:

The svce fellow 😂😂😂

Avatar Naveen Nk says:

Wow what an amazing show…u two are amazing…nice to watch this show

Avatar Tj Karthik says:

Hilarious 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

Avatar Antony Priya says:

Alex realy 41….😱🤣

Avatar Surya Jay says:

Mass thalaiva ne👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

Avatar Poonam Yadav says:

Hi Alex, I am from UP and live in USA. Only recently I randomly found one of your video and started searching for more and watching them. Dude your acts are not just funny but sensible also. Many many congratulation and Huge RESPECT man.

Avatar Priya Muralimohan says:

Fantastic duo….please do more shows together 👍😀

Avatar Divyadharsh 18 says:


ohh yaar…u r so much talented…aww….awesome man…you make me wonder every time I see you….how could u manage all the things…well I am an lazy bug….😂…u r great ji….killing it man…

Avatar DHAVANYA C says:

Superb ********

Avatar Waleed Raza says:

awesome Allex

Avatar Rudresh j says:

Nice one 👌

Avatar Karthikeyan Balakumar says:

Very refreshing!!

Avatar Pavan Times says:

That's awesome

Avatar Sharmila Anthony says:

Awesome comedy

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