The Top Romance Videos of Studio C

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The Top Romance Videos of Studio C. It’s the season of Valentine’s and love is in the air! Be sure to check out our latest and LOVE-liest compilation yet!!! So cuddle up with that special someone (or teddy bear) and grab your favorite brand of chocolates and let your heart fall in love all over again with our latest video.

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Cast: All Cast Members
Producer: Luiz Malaman
Line Producer: Tess Kelly
Writer: All Cast Members
Editor: Trent Woolford

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The Top Romance Videos of Studio C


Avatar Carley Falt says:

my boy friend broke up with me today. I am 9 years old

Avatar Shannon Warr says:


Avatar Magmirian says:

Plot twist Jeremy is gay (like me)

Avatar Malcolm Jones says:

Oh my God. The flirting sketch was too good

Avatar Malcolm Jones says:

"Or Algebra or grave-digging…" I can't. ROTF!

Avatar Shane Tyler Riley says:

So who did "Julia's" grandma give her kidney to?

Avatar Bridget Gero says:

24:07 "-But yes please"

Avatar Evie Williams says:

They are all very good at singing (mal Natalie and Whitney)

Avatar Hanne Dansted says:

anyone else notice matt's face at 30:24

Avatar Toast 03 says:

It’s kinda nice to date a bi dude because he expresses his feelings (or mine did)

Avatar Elise Adamenko says:

-"Your choking him your choking him!!!"
-"But it feels natural!!!"

Avatar Melissa Brooks says:


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