Rosie Jones Deals With The Elephant In The Room | Comedy Central At The Comedy Store

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The riotously funny Suzi Ruffell is your host at the prestigious Comedy Store, where she is joined by Brennan Reece, Rosie Jones and Lauren Pattison.

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Avatar Juan Plaza says:

I love her!!!

Avatar marvelousmarvin71 says:

Sorry but this is not funny, it's painfull to watch, as Is that other disabled guy who can't speak It pretentious and ridiculous to even think this is funny, it is unfortunate that these people have disabilities, but come on trying to be comedians?? Get real, and just look at all them false fuckers laughing

Avatar Jay Kay says:

Good for her! Bless her and all those like her.

Avatar Astrid von Wolfe says:

Oh my gosh, she’s amazing!! Her jokes are hilarious!!

Avatar natwat123 says:

If you put it at 2x speed the audience sound like minions.

Avatar natwat123 says:

She is so lovely.

Avatar More13Feen says:

I had subtitles on and it translated cold sample Paul shakes insted of cerebral palsy 😅😅

Avatar JanDeluxe78 says:

The nothern joke was great.

Avatar Elys-P says:

I love her! I love her!! I love her!!!
She’s precious and funny and just- turns something that’s considered something you “suffer from” into something that makes her and others happy and I 👏 adore 👏 her 👏 attitude 👏

Avatar Skylinn Quinn says:

I have cerebral palsy I love my "disability"

Avatar Devansh Dave says:

Rosie Jones is ❤

Avatar Piemasteratron says:

Fan bloody tastic

Avatar Tandem says:

I'm quite partial to comedians who make light of disabled people. 😀

Avatar Shady Steve says:

This is really sweet. My girlfriend has cerebral palsy so I can make a connection.

Avatar Krystal Harwood says:

good job! I laughed the whole time. not at you but with you

Avatar Tromp Entertainment says:

I have cerebral palsy and I’m a comedian as a disabled person this cracked me up

Avatar Mano Ow Ow says:

Why do they get one syllable????????????

Avatar My Hamster Earth says:

She went to my secodnary school

Avatar Mark Tiso says:

Very good Rosie keep it you. In opinion it takes a lot to stand up in front of live audience and lot of courage. Don't listen to the negative comments cause they are jealous of you.

Avatar Dae Litty says:

My daughter was diagnosed with CP when she was just 2 months old. She's now going on 5 months and she makes me laugh so much and is so silly. She's my little comedian!

Avatar leftmebreathless79 says:

What a talent! If we can't laugh at ourselves how do we ever get past the hurt and despair? Bravo darling you are awesome!

Avatar Blink Pink says:

She's fantastic! slams fist on desk MORE!

Avatar cesar contreras says:

"I suffer from being northern" 😂😂😂

Avatar Abdul-Karim Ayiku says:

Genuinely funny… Awesome! This might just be the best thing I've seen all week

Avatar yvonne r says:

she is absolutely adorable

Avatar Penny Koutsochera says:

I love her smile every time the audience laughs 😊

Avatar Rowan Phantasmal says:

This makes me forget what comedy is…

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