Romantic Proposal (Real House Of Comedy)

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Avatar scoo jor says:

We want kastropee😅

Avatar comedian&magician bloger says:

Now days ur video if previously were having 5 stars from now know that it has 1 or 2 star because of absent of somebody

Avatar Alex Thomas says:

Hehe just than 🙆‍♂️a minute she was pregnant 🤰 to fast 💨

Avatar Dingbobga Galabe Junior says:

Will the child at the be gay??

Avatar YOUGBARE Aloys says:

Look likes your girlfriend was just waiting for you to died to show her real face. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Avatar Felix Isiekwene says:

Nice one bro can't stop laughing

But what happened between you and kastro did both of you have misunderstandings?

Avatar Rikhais Marianno says:


Avatar Glory Ochuko says:

I like dis video so much🤣🤣🤣

Avatar Chris Ade says:

Lol, very funny, where's kastropee am missing his walking style

Avatar Online Tz says:

You will alywz be the best thespian nozy


Where kastropee

Avatar kasim gwebe says:

One love from Tanzania…..all we can say is "iko poa hiyo" u guyz made my day 😂😂

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