New Kids on the Rock #2: Romantic Comedy

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Kevin’s going on a date! Will hilarity ensue? Find out!


Avatar Lauren Meyer says:

I love how Neil said “oh damn.”

Avatar Kitty39 says:

You can't tell me that this isn't Homestuck. Nonlinear time structure? Acts? Clowns?

Avatar Charlie Beach says:

Sometimes I feel like Neil is eternally stuck in the 90's.

Avatar MommytardRocks1 says:

This video just gave me some inspiration to write a romantic comedy of my own.

Avatar Frosting1000 says:

He proposed on the first date????

Avatar Calum M. says:

wendi lives in the gedo

Avatar sunnydale22 says:

I'm lost for words.. Just beautiful

Avatar raweno4 says:

Force of habit.

Avatar Nick L. says:

Kevin got trolled

Avatar TheSuperBigPunch says:

@ 2:25 Gets scraped on right cheek, and bleeds on left. Fuck Logic

Avatar megafio says:

i really enjoyed these when they were first uploaded, watched them all the time.

Avatar sweatersandstuff says:

did anybody notice how kevin flushed even though he had his pants on?

Avatar TheGovenor117 says:

Blood from the arrow was on the wrong side of Kevin's face…

Avatar MelinGrata says:

I love how Ryan is always dressed in like suits and ties and Neil and Kevin are all casual.
Emmy at 1.52 was my favorite part. "YES!"

Avatar Samaire Angelique says:

Also, Neil <3 <3 <3

Avatar Samaire Angelique says:

Creepy stare win at 2:07

Avatar Sydney Spears says:

Leather ain't fur…

Avatar Kojaktsl says:

Crooked eye thing? o.O

Avatar attentiongrab says:

@DumbBlondieChick that's Ryan's monkey puppet that he uses in some of his videos.

Avatar sometimestigz says:

@Fellinijr You, you… SPAMMER!

Avatar Savs says:

What was Ryan doing with that white thing? I mean, what the heck?

Avatar Christi DiFrank says:

Dude, Neil looks so much like my cousin, it's scary.

Avatar Marylin Hebert says:

check out my comedies. James Bond Spoof!!!

Avatar igirisuXjin says:

the blood on kevins face was totally on the wrong side…

Avatar linzeekinzee says:

i heard that age of empires attack horn

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