If Hideo Kojima Directed A Romantic Comedy

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This is about as sappy as Metal Gear Solid can get, we think.

Matt Torpey
Comfort Clinton
Michael Curran
Scott Thomas
Kendra Pettis

Concept by Zac MacKrell, Ben Williams & Patrick Willems
Written and directed by Patrick Willems
Assistant director: Jacob Torpey


Avatar Knuckles says:

Love, love has changed…

Avatar Onur Silahdar says:


Avatar ChouzetsuDynamic says:

Enjoyed it all but it wasn't really an imitation of Kojima's style it was more like just random Metal Gear memes thrown into it

Avatar Concurrent Flame says:

wheres the lens flares?

Avatar Geth7777 says:

A Hideo Kojima movie

Avatar Russk says:

This is gold!!

Avatar Crosion says:

This is so cringy but I love it so much, makes me wanna go play some mgs

Avatar JudoUrinal says:

So nothing but shoehorned metal gear references, huh? I was expecting more.

Avatar energiesoler says:

at the end of the movie it turns out the guy who has been manipulating these two into fighting each other was the third BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROTHER all along.

and now you're been spoilered. good day.

Avatar steven perez henriquez says:

Internet is changing

Avatar The Anime Father says:

Written by Hideo Kojima
Directed by Hideo Kojima
Produced by Hideo Kojima
Hideo Kojima by Hideo Kojima

Avatar JHONYO BRAVA says:

They used the tropes of MGS storytelling, but lacked the essence of one. There's more nuance to Kojima's wacky stories than cardboard boxes and long-winded expository dialogue.

Avatar Vengeful Kitsune says:

But the title of the video is "if Hideo Kojima directed a romance " NOT "If MGS was a romance movie"
there were no one shots or complex story telling.

Avatar I'm an adult Virgin says:

The girl should be naked or the camera should focus on her tits

Avatar Joel Luna says:

This needs a Snake Eater Intro song style and will be perfect

Avatar Aktive Leute says:

All wrong.This has cuts in it.Everyone knows Kojima doesnt use cuts.

Avatar 7.62 x39mm says:

her friend casually wears a gas mask xD

Avatar jamasianman says:

I was expecting a Scott Pilgrim ripoff where Jake has to fight all these evil exes, but this was okay.

Avatar mateen aleaf says:

was she sitting on a box that went inside a black box


Naked Snake and solid has no interest for love this is kind of pointless

Avatar Wouter van der Meulen says:

Not really funny. Just Metal Gear stuff put into a romcom. Would've been better if you at least used Kojima's signature camera movements.

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