"Instant Hatching", My first Slapstick Comedy Video!

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This is my first venture into Slapstick Comedy Video Clips. Poor and sloppy direction, but what else can be done first time?! More clips will come along, so stay glued to my channel. This comedy, “INSTANT HATCHING” was shot using my Olympus FE-310. Starring me and my 4 sweet pet chickens! Since I am a fan of Charlie Chaplin, I decided to don a moustache like him for this scene! If you like it, and want a copy, just send me a message and I shall send you the direct link. Hope my future videos will be better!


Avatar Mujawooja Variety Channel says:

slaptick comedy done well will always be a winner

Avatar Mujawooja Variety Channel says:

this is very good indeed

Avatar kenmercermusic says:

well done! 😉

Avatar DACR0W12345 says:


Avatar Sylar482 says:

looks like mario or luigi

Avatar Hex says:

How did you get them to come to you ?

haha, like I said you look like you're 18 – 20 years old, but with the moustache, you really look like you're 28

Avatar Javier Figuero says:

I like very much!!!!! Very funny!!

Avatar sushiyama1 says:

lol funny!! :]

i rated 5/5!

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