The Secret Behind Effective Physical Comedy

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In this video Jerry Corley share with you the often overlooked secret behind effective physical comedy how to use the magic of physical comedy to take your comedy to the next level.

Physical comedy allows the comedian to add a visual perspective to their comedy that’s not there when a comedy is just reciting jokes. Adding act-outs, voices and impressions to add a new dimension to your comedy. Plus how to avoid making that mistake that can make the comedian look like an idiot.

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Avatar ered203 says:

Come on brother, it's not "all y'alls", it's y'all, y'alls, all y'all, every goddamn one a y'all, and never forget the best "y'all sons-a-bitches". The French waiter bit is cute. Try a German accent. That would be funny. Great vids btw. I'm learning a lot.

Avatar David Fisher says:

I am blind. I don’t know what to do about that.

Avatar Senpai must Notice says:

Extremely useful. I always have problems with my act outs.

Avatar Plant Powered Travel says:

I am completely new to this and your videos help me a lot. Thanks, Jerry! 🙂

Avatar Yannick Cho says:

Hi Sir, thanks for the videos. I have filled two notepads on my phone with jokes up to the character limits. Your videos have helped shape my perspective.

Avatar anactorslife says:

I'd like to see more examples and less commentary. Talking about it doesn't show me anything.

Avatar Comedian La Tonya Davison says:

I have found that I MUST be committed fully to what I am doing. If I second-guess myself in the act-out, the audience will feel it. Authenticity all the way. I almost just lose myself in the story to get back to point I realized the story was funny. Your vids are awesome. Thanks as always!

Avatar FromWVtoLA says:

I recommend a few skype sessions with this guy. It will up your game.

Avatar PressBox Entertainment says:

Nice informative video..very helpful…thank you Jerry

Avatar James523001 says:

Great video!  What about physical comedy using props, e.g., Steve Martin and the banjo, Jack Benny, Henny Youngman and theviolin, Pete Barbutti and his "jazz broom", etc.?

Avatar Bodie & Doyle The Professionals says:

I have a set (about 15-20) but I sound stupid when I rehearse. Finding that sweet spot between acting natural and being yourself is a pisser.

Avatar Manoj Doogra says:

Love from , INDIA

Avatar George Waweru - Comedian says:

I love these videos Jerry, appreciate your selfless work man, all the way from 🇰🇪

Avatar Venito Crouch says:

Can you do a video on off color comedy

Avatar Peter The Artsy Rebel says:

appreciate it, Jerry !
really practical insight 😃

Avatar Raymond Storm says:

I sure hope so!!! R.I.P.R.W…
Good stuff! I'm a juggler wanting to do a routine but i'm single and i don't have a purse.

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