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“These are just jokes. Please treat them as such” – Charles Darwin.

“Prime Time jokes” is a collection of jokes inspired by the Prime Time news events that happen around us. Shridhar performs Indian Stand Up Comedy on topics ranging from Politics, Padmavati controversy to various other topical events that occurred in India. The stand-up video was shot at the Habitat in Mumbai.

For more of his jokes & to get in touch, please follow him on Twitter – @iimcomic & Facebook – Shridhar Venkatarmana where he posts jokes centered around the news frequently. Write to utkarsh@counterculture.co.in for any enquiries.

Special thanks to Aakash Mehta for all the help.
Venue Courtesy: The Habitat, Mumbai
Directed by Anuj Mehta
Edited by Anuj Mehta & Ishaan Doshi
Shot by Anuj Mehta, Santosh Kardak and The Habitat Videography Team:
Dishang Popat, Vivian Castelino, Harsh Shah & Vriddhi Sawlani
Sound Recording by The Habitat Audio Team: Sreejith Menon, Swarada Bodas, Seigen Moopanar
Sound Mixing & Mastering by Varun Patil

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Avatar Abdul Rahim says:

Excellent content.

Avatar Suryansh Mishra says:

Your sarcasm is of next level👌👌

Avatar siddharth ontela says:

hardik pandya…………lol
intelligent jokes. hilarious but audience took a while to laugh

Avatar Nik 5 says:

Bhakts didn't get the jokes😂😂

Avatar lOhith gOwda says:

Bro, like the content!!! One feed back tho, if you can, try avoiding the sound "ppchuu" after a delivery

Avatar Santoshi Naidu says:

rabindranath tagore joke?–didnt get it?

Avatar koushalsingh says:

Man you dont have it … I was feeling like sleepy …

Avatar Muhmin Aboobacker says:

This guy deserves more subscribers 😂😂

Avatar Hrushikesh Chavan says:


Avatar arkya biswas says:

Amazing man , everything was perfect.

Avatar Tipu Sultan says:

Nice performance, buddy

Avatar Ashutosh Ganachari says:

New song is out now!!🕵️


A Musical Tale by SR Films💓

Cheating is a crime. But don't judge a book by its cover.

Watch complete video and then come to conclusion.


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Avatar Angshuman Pal says:


Avatar parampreet kaur says:

Such intelligent comedy!! Bhakts wont threat you ever as your jokes need education and time and they have none😄

Avatar Aadil Choudhary says:

Christian wedding is also one of the indian wedding

Avatar Kunal P says:

Hmm my jokes are intellectual jokes bola toh sab hasege everybody thinks they are intelligent.. hasege sab.. nice strategy..

Avatar Shrey Agrawal says:

Nice content Shridhar. Even better with the subtitles!

Avatar Chetan Gajera says:

Good one! Thanks.

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