Tonight Show Grams: #MyPetIsWeird

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Jimmy shares his favorite Instagram photos and videos with the hashtag #MyPetIsWeird.

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Tonight Show Grams: #MyPetIsWeird



Avatar Nikki Culver says:


Avatar Lindsey Squire says:

Me: walks onto the Tonight Show
Jimmy: laughs and slaps desk
Me: But Jimmy, I didn't even make a joke.
Jimmy: You are the joke.

Avatar B. K. says:

aaaaaand I'll never sleep again
weird cause that was my exact thought on seeing Jimmy's stubble

Avatar Carla M says:

Need cat ones

Avatar Elle Hull says:

My family’s old English sheepie just passed a few weeks ago. That last one make me miss her so

Avatar Mychael B says:

hahahahaha… the last one looks like Priscila from colosso TV, she was clumsy…

Avatar seefishbee says:

bring back the regular hashtags, who needs more animal comedy

Avatar tennisdude52278 says:

I read the title as my penis weird.

Avatar Elizabeth ColonGarcia says:

My dog never ever plays fetch

Avatar A K says:

Is it just me or is fallon of his tits!,,, #drugsmuch #cokeheadliplicker

Avatar BergletteMom says:

Great segment and I look forward to more. But, Jimmy, that tie. That shirt. That suit. That facial hair. NO.

Avatar painful1978 says:

So dogs are weird!

Avatar how many subs can i get for dat juicy comment says:

doggo 1 – cat 0

Avatar Salvador Mancha says:

Still waiting for the #AwkwardTexts episode….

Avatar ashzephyr says:

only dogs.tonight show is biassed!

Avatar Mel Turcotte says:

Why it is only dogs?

Avatar better secret says:

These pictures/videos need a punchline meme style or they are kind of boring

Avatar New Message says:

"Stop trying to make 'fetch' happen!"

Avatar Sheila B says:

Not digging the beard Jimmy..your beautiful teeth make you look like a beaver lol

Avatar peace humans says:

I love cat 🤗 happy pet day😻

Avatar Anthony Cooks says:

You Know It

Avatar Tha Muttleycrew says:

actually the dog at 1:31 has the human trained well, bc he is stupid, you need to play with the ball and him, getting him interested in it then throw it, not just oh here go get it, human stupidity is rampant!!!!!!

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