Blue Collar Comedy Tour " I Believe"

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this is a halariouse video of the guys in the blue collar comedy tour including jeff foxworthy, larry the cable guy, bill engval and ron white. leave comments please. thank you


Avatar Eddïe Rattlëhead says:

I believe… That if a person lets their dog take a dump on your lawn and not pick it up afterwards, it should be perfectly legal for you to go over to their house and take a dump on THEIR lawn.

Avatar Danielle Holler says:

I believe people that work in customer service should get 1 day a week to tell off rude customers. Lol.

Avatar Ryan Beers says:

"every year was easily the quickest whittiest response I think I've ever heard 😅..!!

Avatar jack thunderbolt says:

I believe! Who ever coined the phrase "the pen is mightier than the sword" has never faced a squad of pissed off Marines with automatic weaponry

Avatar Ram2500 6.7cummins says:

I believe that if your stopped at a traffic light and don’t move when it turns green because your looking down at your fucking phone, there should be a crane equipped with a magnet that will lift you up and place you directly into a roadside car crusher.

Avatar Ryan Beers says:


Avatar Ryan Beers says:

Larry got Jeff with that one "every year" 🤔😂😛..!!

Avatar Yoshi Zuckerman says:

i believe that if life gives you lemons you chuck em back at life and add in a couple of your own for good measure

Avatar Jesus H Medrano says:

Racism red neck mofos!…. lol i love it!!!!

Avatar Mathew Godfrey says:

“If you cant say something nice about somebody, you must be talking about Hillary Clinton.”

That one ages like fine wine.

Avatar Rail Stalker says:

I believe….that deer hunting should be as a one man idea, because bringing your wife/girlfriend along is a cry for help

Avatar Joshua Rodrigues says:

"I believe that the only thing worse than having diarrhea is trying to have it quietly in a public restroom." I can totally relate to that on several occasions

Avatar Christine Fulcher says:

I believe that coulered people say coloured that they can’t blush

Avatar jjammin1812 says:

I believe . . . . these guys are the best!!!

Avatar william m Mantel says:

these guys are fabulously funny in deed!!

Avatar SCP Pinkamena says:

I believe, that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Unless its an scornful ex-wife

Avatar Jenny Mathis says:

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I can’t with these guys I can’t breathe lol

Avatar Rebecca Flanary says:

GITer duuuuuuunnnneeeee

Avatar League of Retired Evil says:

I believe… if you want to start a family, then you'll have to pass the 5-week full course testing.

Avatar Junglehunter677. says:

I believe that it doesnt matter what you do in life, cause there is someone out there who will screw it up for you.

Avatar Captain Obvious says:

I believe………if you get food for a bunch of people and someone asks if it’s vegan, you have every right to knock them out.

Avatar Michael Perkins says:

When's your birthday, February 17th, what year, every year lol

Avatar Colin Gleason says:

I believe:
That a man who has a cat allergy and a woman who has a nut allergy, are not meant to be a couple to get married and have kids.
Homeless people who have a drivers license and know how to drive should own motorhomes.

Avatar Justin Barrett says:

I believe that she brought that to have a scotch you need cash to buy it before anybody else, da bear's yo git R done sis git R done. 😶😎🤔🤓🤑😲😤😨😡😳💀👽😨😧

Avatar Gaming Creed47 says:

!!!!I believe…that people who say their the best at drinking, surely hasn't met Ron White in person!!!!

Avatar Doug Johnson says:

I believe "trans person" means a transmission mechanic.

Avatar 1 Alsaidi says:

Bill is the least funny

Avatar Tyler Anderson says:

I believe…it takes more than two people to play the ‘Who Farted?’ game.

Avatar Peter Kazavis says:

3:20 Ron Wins ☺

Avatar Ineluctable Smith says:

I dug it now really.

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