Working With Jigsaw

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No one did a background check?

Elevator song – “Amanda” by Aisha Duo

People I forgot in the credits:

Danielle Vadillo – 1st AC
Jesus Yanez – Gaffer
Josh Tomar and Rodrigo Huerta for their awesome dude moans.

Sorry guys!

Since so many asked, the doll we used was this:


Avatar Nikitta Konver says:

Jigsaw as a neighboor!

Avatar Flubabuba Games says:

His name is billy

Avatar Roland Hernandez says:

Good boy billy the puppet last he was killing people nowheis not good boy

Pero tsismosa

Avatar BrokenLens says:

Mr.jigsaw is looking great these days

Avatar uraganas viesulas says:

Thats billy not jigsaw

Avatar living cartoon says:


Avatar The comment 27 says:

The office rebooted.

Avatar The Cannibal says:

1:14 My fat ass

Avatar Mitsuki The Ninetails says:

LoL. I was lmao of the scene of the elevator. Tryingnto stay quiet since m fam are asleep at the moment.

Avatar dezmond Beard says:

You should push for your own tv show

Avatar Teeny Tiny says:

Lol this is just how I imagine jigsaw would be if he worked at an office

Avatar BendyFanBoy1609 says:

So,how much revenue does he get if he works for 8 hours instead of 9?
And I don’t think it’s fair that he gets to get less hours than me!he got promoted to HR and Im stuck here!
And don’t fire me!
gets fired

Avatar Janice Kant says:

You mean 'Billy the Puppet'?

Avatar xd Ryan says:

Can you guys upload again I enjoy these videos

Avatar Aviendha says:

The puppets name is Billy… jigsaw was what people referred to John as. Common people.

Avatar NICOLE REDDEN says:

I like the part that jigsaw said jenny

Avatar Kyofusho Hoshi says:

Thay one guy keeps eating the cake lmao

Avatar Priest by day Pimp by night says:

"will you synergies and work as a teeeam Karen" lmao the way he mocked her made me LMAO 😂😂

Avatar yeezyhendrix says:

How is not fired by now lol

Avatar Emy says:

hIs NaMe Is BiLlY!¡!!!¡¡

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