Abi Sanchez | Unrealistic Rom Coms | Laugh Factory Chicago Stand Up Comedy

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Laugh Factory Chicago comedian, Abi Sanchez, paints a vivid picture of what it really looks likes to be dating in contrast to the perfect romantic comedy movie scenes we are so used to watching. See a LIVE SHOW at the Hollywood Laugh Factory! BUY TICKETS: https://goo.gl/WAFQKB

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Avatar Brady Bunch12 says:

😂😂😂 when I’m stoned I like to watch romantic comedies too

Avatar Mental Deviant says:

I have great sex the first time 😎 or I can go see second time!

Avatar aesthederick says:

oh. my. god. that was so real hahahaha

Avatar lb8825 says:

Very funny guy

Avatar kuroichan101 says:

This guy is good

Avatar Christine Jones says:

First of all — take that cap off.

Avatar QuinnTheSuperStar says:

He's funny but that shower sex joke Jordan Raybould did before.

Avatar dkrbuckley says:

Holy shit. The most relatable video I’ve seen yet.

Avatar RedPill Dude says:

This dude is funny af.

Avatar elias alberti says:

Damn dude that was funny

Avatar Grace Motley says:

Sex jokes usually aren't funny for me, but this dude was hilarious lol

Avatar Fabian says:

That was funny. 😆

Avatar Panther Pope says:

Dick look a like a doorknob had me rolling lmfao

Avatar Rohypno tist says:

He's real proud about being a minute man . I guess you should own it if that's you .

Avatar Cosmos says:

The shower joke was from someone else. Can't recall who right now. But ill be back!

Avatar Stretch Shorty says:

I remember that shower joke from another comedian. I can't remember who said it but, I know you used his joke.

Avatar Angry Applesauce says:

Two days of nearly perfect videos! Keep this up til the New Year!

Avatar Jethro Au says:

this guy is the best

Avatar PauleePessimist says:

“Momma told me never stop until I bust a nut” -Isaac Newton

Avatar Ab Sa says:


Avatar Alina Ilumina says:

The first bite of pizza bit HAHAHAHA that was so funny. Post more Laugh Factory Chicago comedians!! This was great.

Avatar 1MinuteFlipDoc says:

LOL – like an eye doctor exam .. is number 1 or number 2 better? HAHAHH!

Avatar DatWill says:

Mad funny dawg

Avatar L V L S says:

I was so close to skipping this 😁

Avatar Joe Ferreira says:

Soooo funny

Avatar Laugh Factory says:

Thanks for watching! Check out more comedy from Abi Sanchez: @ThatAbiSanchez

Avatar xApemanx says:

good jokes, good delivery. someone tip the pizza guy

Avatar Eli Garcia says:

Good stuff had me howling

Avatar backstabher infinity says:


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