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Remembering Ridley Scott’s classic comedy Alien.

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Avatar Dark Channel says:

Slapstick Comedy

Avatar DR BREEN says:

The fricken society of xenomorphs got me

Avatar xaraxen says:

Someone took a scene from Alien: Ressurection and ran away with it

Avatar Empress Cornelia says:

Why does it sound like Stich?

Avatar MC Chase says:

Xenomorph slapstick

Avatar TheGamerLover says:

One of the Best Robot Chicken Sketches Ever x'D

Avatar Tory Knotts says:

Ok THAT was funny. also you'd think they would make things acid blood proof

Avatar Julien Etherion says:

Gets me every time

Avatar ShananaBananagin says:

I laughed harder then I probably should have.

Avatar Jerald Ong says:

wait if all the aliens where clothes doesn't that mean that the alien that fell is naked

Avatar Jr Varela says:

Xd World of Aliens

Avatar Paid Wilson says:

Where does it end?

Avatar Benjamin Benedict says:

Wait, if alien blood is acid, wouldn't the aliens just die because they're insides would be disintegrated?

Avatar Fontabian Donalson says:

The way they just threw him into the ambulance

Avatar 豪宅玩具 says:


Avatar Sterling Fulton says:

Why do they sound like gremlims?

Avatar TheSmashMaster9000 says:

Xenomorph blood can't melt steel beams

Avatar Nigthmare fredbear says:

Yeah. the alien blood is acid =P

Avatar Sam Brickey says:

*many steel beams were melted in the production of this video

Avatar Nik says:

Pls Return "Honey! Lookout – Cliche!" At the end!

Avatar AgentSchnorkel says:

That was extremely amusing. Well done!

Avatar ReverendSyn says:

Transfusions must be a bitch to perform.

Avatar Kurt Wagner says:

ACME… Noice

Avatar Commander Bohn says:

That was some really good slapstick. Darn these things are almost dead.

Avatar Pawel 26 says:

For some reason I have an urge to watch Benny Hill right now

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