Carl Barron @ Just for Laughs 1

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Carl Barron performing at the Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival.
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Avatar Prodigy Of Rock says:

Carl barron is an aussie icon a comedic legend

Avatar Eve Louise says:

I don't understand people who do not love this man. Truly

Avatar Chris Brown says:

Someone once asked rodney rude who his favourite ozzie comic was, he replied "CARL BARRON, CAUSE HE LOOKS LIKE A FETUS heeh heeh heeh, and after some silence carl says, FUCK YOU rodney, like your attractive you prick, something like that, 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Avatar purpletetrisdragon says:

I die laughing every time I watch this video! Lolol

Avatar Jane S says:

You are the funniest Gemini soul ever..
love you're style of comedy ,it's truthful…

Avatar Jess Hayward says:

carl barron is an absolute legend 😄 such a crack up!

Avatar BURRNTU says:

Carl Baron= Bloody Legend

Avatar Gregwinson Gregwinson says:

kloviaclinks com sent me a hack transfer of $21,000

Avatar William Hersey says:

I just went to his live show last year of drinking with a fork I fucking love Carl actually Australian fucking icon

Avatar Michael John Foster says:

Carl, Aussie legend, the guy is brilliant.

Avatar Paradigm Shifting says:

lol…. this guy had me rolling…

Avatar Unbelievaball says:

Laugh? I nearly shat!

Avatar Gr8mate13 says:

That noise routine surely has to be one of the best all time routines

Avatar Alukard TheDeathknight says:

Millenial Aussie cunts can fuck off this guy is a legend A toast of vegimite sir

Avatar MetallicWraith says:

I’m Aussie and this is so funny 😂

Avatar Wade Sharp says:

So original awesome mate

Avatar oldsoul one says:

You sir, are a legend. 👏👍

Avatar Wimbo 9 says:

Love him. Old school comedy.

Avatar BiRDiE says:


Avatar Jessica Ellem says:

As an australian i find him soooo funny 😂😂

Avatar Hayhay63333 says:

Lol I’m Australia and I bloody love this shit

Avatar Fovlight says:

4:35, i knew I saw that leg shake before! … The Ketchup Song Dance. :))

Avatar Dyl Ando says:

I love Carl or Carol Borne (people who have seen the DVD would know what I’m talking about)

Avatar ajsconk1 says:

Ahahahaha. Love it.

Avatar Rita Wahyu says:

hes all time, can't get enough of him.

Avatar Guak Flyff says:

Johnny iv told you once iv told you twice iv told you 1000 times haha how is your mother yeah she's pretty…….. thx lol I'm killing my self with laughter

Avatar todosbien says:

Best Australian comedian!

Avatar Solar Typo says:

My dads good friends with him

Avatar Paisley Carol says:

He’s hilarious!

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