Adam DeVine – Workout Buddy (Stand Up Comedy)

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Adam DeVine doesn’t understand women’s fashion statements.

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Please watch: “Getting Older Suprises (Stand Up Comedy)”


Avatar Big Lo says:

Adam is funny as, 2019 👍🏻

Avatar omnitrix1992 says:

ass juice hahaha i love this video so much. adam's best!

Avatar Stephen Oe says:

Hahahaha love thatguy!

Avatar FreeWorldChannel says:

This is funny as hell. we want more of this dude.

Avatar Ahhnold Schwarzenegger says:

I don't like his humor. I read somewhere below that he's like Dane Cook. That makes total sense because Dane Cook is lame af too.

Avatar Captain Majestic says:

He looks like a baby in this video Jesus how young is he here?

Avatar AaA WwW says:

adam devine trying on that dane cook persona

Avatar Corinne Gibson says:

He makes me so happy

Avatar David Pavlovic says:

is it just me or my imagination doesnt Jimmy tantro look a little bit like Adam

Avatar R.O.T.Y. says:

Adam called 2014's "thirsty" slang!!! haha

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