The Shooting AKA Dear Sister

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Emotions run high in this loose homage to the final moment of the season 2 finale of The O.C. Featuring Shia LaBeouf.


Avatar Chicken zaza says:

Nice it so fun

Avatar He Ka says:

Finally I understand the pistol in Garrys mod.

Avatar Mustajab Alam says:

What is the context of this video



Avatar Luke Shanks says:

Was this before or after the gmod one?

Avatar Brendan Parker says:

The letter says "by the time you read this I'll be dead" but then he shoots her after she's read it

Avatar Just Eddsworld 10 2019 says:

That's From Saturday Night Live

Avatar Fresh Bread says:

That letter will end up being an scp

Avatar hun9ry fck says:

2019 and still wAtchin this

Avatar Kong Deffer says:

Only American humor can be so pointless.

Avatar Tay Mccook says:

How many Damn bullets does that gun have lol?😂😂

Avatar Kami -sama says:

Hmm what you say
Funny or sad ?

Avatar elmaorichileancho says:

The STUPIDEST thing ever…but i LOVE It!.. since then

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